Obama Hires Paul Volcker

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  1. I wonder who else is barely breathing that Obama can hire? Crissake I thought the man was dead.
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    not not a fan of goolsbee (proxy for chicago school of economics) but volcker is the man. however, I wonder what power he will have/influence. I hope he doesn't end up like Colin Powell in the Bush Admin.
  3. Not everyone at that age is senile. There is an expression: "use it or loose it" and this applies as much to the use of the brain as to the use of other parts of the body.

    I've met people at high age that would put many 30 year olds to shame.

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    This is just window dressing.
  5. I've heard Volcker is a "tax the rich" nazi who is best left to monetary policy duties. I guess we'll see.

  6. Goolsbee has never been a Washington insider . . . In fact, he's never been in Washington. That is a significant PLUS in my opinion.
  7. That is an absurd statement.

    INFLATION is a huge tax on society and I think that Volcker pretty much 'crushed' inflation when he was Fed Chairman back in 1981 . . . or were you not born yet?

    In 1981 inflation peaked at 13.5%
    By 1983 it had fallen to 3.2% due to Paul Volcker limiting the growth of the money supply.

    Do yourself a favor and learn some history before coming up with your ridiculous comments that make you look like a CLOWN.
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    Time to start a "Dead" pool?
  9. I just read that Volcker played a big role in the US stopping the gold standard. So he stops the inflation that he created and we talk about how great he is? The same goes for the new treasury secretary. He created the mess we're in, now we are hiring him to fix it.

    What change is Obama bringing? Everybody he's nominating are either ex Clinton officials or created this problem. I heard him once at a rally say that he thought control of the money supply should stay with the Fed. Then he said "they have been increasing the money supply, which is a good thing." How is increasing the money supply a good thing for the little guy that he champions for?
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