Obama: Hawaiian Birth Certificate? I am actually Russian!

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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/12/06/whats-sputnik-obama-makes-s-space-race-rallying/

    What's Up With 'Sputnik?' Obama Makes '50s Space Race a Rallying Cry

    Published December 06, 2010

    | FoxNews.com

    The phone. The electric light bulb. The Model T. Heck, Google.

    The list of American innovations that have changed life on Earth is practically endless, but President Obama is trying to inspire America's next technological wave by referring back to a 50-year-old achievement by a defunct nation -- Sputnik.

    The president, visiting North Carolina's Research Triangle Monday, called on businesses and lawmakers to help America achieve the next "Sputnik moment" -- referring to the Soviets' 1957 launch of an Earth-orbiting satellite which amped up the space race
  2. Lucrum


    Nothing but useless tired old rhetoric aimed at distracting the sheeple from reality.
  3. Freudian slip.

    Obama is all unnerved because Palin can see Russia from her house and he can't.
  4. But obama can speak to his "handler" Zbigniew Brzezinski from speed dial! :eek: