Obama Hates Fox News... Dick Morris

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  1. Obama Hates Fox News

    It's the summer of 2008 and Barack Obama is beginning to slip in the election polls.

    He blames Fox News for his election worries.

    He agrees to a secret meeting at New York's posh Waldorf Astoria hotel with the head of Fox News, Roger Ailes and other top honchos of their parent company News Corp.

    The meeting goes into meltdown mode as a finger wagging Obama furiously vents his anger against Fox and their top conservative host Sean Hannity.

    Have you heard about this?

    Probably not, but Newsmax magazine, in a just-released special report "Obama Hates Fox News," reveals how Obama's war on Fox News all began, how it unfolded, and even predicts what will happen in the future.


    Of course "Obama hates Fox news"... when the light of truth is shone upon his schtick, it melts like the wicked witch of the West.
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