Obama has the right idea for Iran

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    If true, I support Obama's initiative to overthrow the theocracy in Iran.

    My own fear that Egypt would immedietely become an islamofascist dictatorship did not become reality. Instead Egypt gets a military dictatorship to replace its civilian dictatorship. No real change there. The military will prevent Islamic takeover like in Turkey.

    If Barrack Obama can undo the damage Jimmy Carter did to the world in 1978 it would be a very big thing for the Democrats. That would be an actual accomplishment in contrast to the contrived acccomplishments cited to date.
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    I don't believe Obama will offer constructive support to the Iranian people. The last time Obama turned his back on the protesters. We would see 100,000 deaths in Iran to suppress the uprising and Obama will fall silent again with indecision.
  3. What initiative? Obama supports Iranian protests, big deal! [​IMG]
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    I think he is just waiting for waht will happen
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    that plus he doesn't know what the f%^k is going on...

  6. The military preventing an islamist takeover in Turkey is history. Turkey has an islamist government now and they are gradually imposing sharia law and tightening their grip.

    The same thing will happen in Egypt. Maybe not immediately, but people are naive in advocating blindly for "democracy." Our Founders did not establish a pure democaracy. The Constitution has elaborate restrictions on each branch of government, although they are no longer respected.

    The Founders' writings confirm that they believed pure democracy to be unworkable because of the threat of tyranny by the majority, and the obvious threat to a core Constitutional value, property rights. They were also dealing with a country with one dominant religion, Christianity, and they believed that Christian faith would be essential for our form of government.

    I know many Arabs are insulted by comments that they are not ready for "democracy", but democracy in the arab world tends to lead to repressive theocratic states or demagogues.
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    In the case of Iran, isn't almost anything better then the current government?

    I can't think of anything worse except the dictatorship in N. Korea. Even anarchy in Iran seems better then the mullahs.

    It looks to me like Obama sent some money over there to get the riots going again. I'll bet this time he presses for revolution.

    I haven't gone soft on Mr. Obama. I haven't forgotten the forced healthcare mandate or the insane $3.7T budget that is on the table. Its just that I recognize the smallest spark of realization in the Obama regime towards the Islamists. Except for the that idiot Clapper.

    Its seems Obama is in position to receive all the benefits for George Bush's ME policy.
  8. Until you post an article, I'll consider that statement to be a lie. [​IMG]
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