Obama has failed his fellow blacks

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  1. Blacks should vote Republican. Obama has failed them.


    But the triumph of “post-racial” Democratic politics has not been a triumph for African-Americans in the aggregate. It has failed to arrest the growing chasm of income and wealth inequality; to improve prospects for social and economic mobility; to halt the re-segregation of public schools and narrow the black-white achievement gap; and to prevent the Supreme Court from eroding the last vestiges of affirmative action. The once unimaginable successes of black diplomats like Colin L. Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Susan E. Rice and of black chief executives like Ursula M. Burns, Kenneth I. Chenault and Roger W. Ferguson Jr. cannot distract us from facts like these: 28 percent of African-Americans, and 37 percent of black children, are poor (compared with 10 percent of whites and 13 percent of white children); 13 percent of blacks are unemployed (compared with 7 percent of whites); more than 900,000 black men are in prison; blacks experienced a sharper drop in income since 2007 than any other racial group; black household wealth, which had been disproportionately concentrated in housing, has hit its lowest level in decades; blacks accounted, in 2009, for 44 percent of new H.I.V. infections.

    So, AK47, will you be voting Romney?
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    I'm petitioning Rosie O'Donnell to mandate that news always be delineated by race. Receiving news is disproportionately traumatic for Whities. These headlines like "AIDS is really bad again" must be written as "AIDS is really bad again, but as usual, not to worry that much unless you are Black and if Blacks could worry they wouldn't have so much AIDS".

    OT but btw: screw all you people on the East Coast and your little storm problems. You never cared about our borders out here in the West and we're overrun with illegal aliens. They hit and run us all the time, they use the social services, crowd the schools and jails, work under the table and don't pay taxes, they can't read in any language, they use the ER's for primary care and have put 90 hospitals in California out of business... We've been drowning in a sea of criminals with shitty attitude for decades so go phuck yourselves..
  3. blacks accounted, in 2009, for 44 percent of new H.I.V. infections


    Sadly, I'm pretty sure the increase in HIV is black women who got it from black men. Drugs, prison, and the down low.
  4. Obama has failed his fellow blacks.


    I disagree. I checked around yesterday on the number of black visitors to the WH since Obama took office and there are some high profile successful black people.

    Now if you're talking about your garden variety hood rats, they are not Obama's fellow blacks, they are just black people that happen to live here like the rest of us sheeple.

    Obama treats all of us as beneath him, which is fine with me, I don't like the mofo anyways.
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    Actually it was closer to $875,000, and it was part if the stimulus package. Called a genital washing study. Mr. Obummer, you are a tee total piece of garbage!!!!:mad: