Obama Halves Chrysler's Planned Marketing Budget

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  1. http://adage.com/article?article_id=136552

    "DETROIT (AdAge.com) -- Chrysler wanted to spend $134 million in advertising over the nine weeks it's expected to be in bankruptcy -- the U.S. Treasury's auto-industry task force gave it half that."

    This entire GM thing is going to end up a disaster.
  2. US Treasury task-force on auto industry. Print money, build cars, what the hell is next. Powell thinks we need more gov't.
    Kiss your freedom goodbye.
  3. This is why gov't should not be involved in running companies. It's only a matter before Chrysler returns to bankruptcy court.
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    They are going to run it into the ground. Most business see advertising and marketing as an expense. Smart one's see it as an investment. We know which side of that devide the government falls on.
  5. So they want them to cut marketing. They want them to cut the amount of dealerships they have. I think the next thing they should do is to stop selling cars with wheels. If they cut the expense that the wheels cause think about how much money they could save. of course they wouldn't have a marketing budget to advertise such a great idea.
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    They (feds) run everything they touch into the ground while spending mountains of cash to achieve the result.

    Then they create an agency with a multi-billion dollar budget to oversee the original problem and make sure that it stays fucked up.
  7. Its about campaign contributions. If GM goes under there won't be any union money going to Obama's campaign.

    The whole purpose of the GM bailout was to keep the unions in business so they could funnel campaign money to Democrats.
  8. Where have you been???
    Chrysler has already been run into the ground.
    They're done.
  9. GM and Chrysler will be kept alive for decades on the taxpayers' dime. Soon, their executive suites will be filled with out of work Democrat political hacks, all drawing enormous salaries, just like with Fannie and Freddie. Expect a lot of rhetoric about jobs and the importance of a domestic car industry.
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