OBAMA=GREATEST market rally+50%,GOP losers whine

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dsq, Jan 14, 2010.

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    markets have rallied 50% since inauguration day.Obama is great for markets.How come the right wing isnt celebrating???
    Drjerkoff,steelers baby,bugshoe and lucrud are still whining like babies.Oh yeah ,i forgot thats all babies do since they dont trade so market moves dont affect them.Bunch of losers.
  2. Since you've chosen to saddle President Obama with the market's current rise, I know you'll return to ensure Obama claims responsibility when the market falls 30% to 50% from its current location.

    Not going to happen you say?

    See a monthy chart of the DJIA.

    The market is building a Point Two to Point Three of a down channel. It's only a matter of time - a "when"; not an "if". Those of us that trade intra-day don't need to pick the exact day the market heads south, but it is coming. Make no mistake about that.

    Yea. I know. It's different this time.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Nothing that has happened is Obama's doing. It was all inherited. Remember.

    BTW, how many jobs have been lost since Obama, the Great, took over.
  4. I will put my blotter up against yours any day of the week you piker, I make more in a decent week then you do in an entire year. Take the challenge you pussy, I will show everything, including executions so it can be verified through Time and Sales. While we are at it we should throw some cash down on this, as I love making bets I can not possibly lose.


  5. What the hell are you talking about? You are a lair. The S&P500 opened at 849.64 on Jan 20, 2009. At the time of this writing the S&P500 is at 1149.11. That is an increase of 35.2%. Where the hell are you getting 50% from? Another day, another lie.

    Not only that, the S&P500 opened at 1001.84 on the first trading day after he got elected. That is an increase of 12.8%. Wow, 12.8% in 14 months must be some kind of record. Not. Dunce.
  6. Look at the freaking volume.
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    Can't lose prediction. If you're right, you'll point us all back to this thread. If you're wrong, no one will remember.

    I see this stuff every day.

  8. Yeah, looks abandoned. Yet, it continues to rise. Unsettling.
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  10. There are more than enough respected traders on this site who will willingly verify my blotter if necessary. That on top of executions vs. Time and sales proves I know what I am doing and you dont, please step up and post one of your pissant 200 dollar days.

    Take the challenge

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