Obama got Osama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BarOpen, May 2, 2011.

  1. BarOpen


    Am I the only one that finds this wierd?

    Did anyone ever think the time would come when The President of the United States "Obama" would be at the helm when we took out the bad guy of the the middle east "Osama"

    What political good fortune for Obama.

    Do you think any news paper will run those headlines?
    all the coverage seems to be steering clear of this tounge twister.
  2. I'm still waiting for
    "Osama's no longer living under a Barack" or something equally clever.
  3. Can you imagine grading history tests in 50 years.

    Match name to role:
    Osama ___
    Obama ___
    Hussein ___

    a) Host of MTV
    b) Terrorist aka Islamic Prophet
    c) President of USA now known as North American CEO
    d) President of Iraq now known as Nuked Oilless Waste Zone
  4. pspr


    Barack Hussein Obama

    Barak - Ehud Barak Israel Prime Minister 1999-2001

    Hussein - Saddam Hussein President of Iraq 1979-2003

    Osama - Osama bin Laden founder of Al Qaeda

    Did Nostradamus not mention this?