Obama: Go to college to recession-proof yourself!

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  1. joe4422


    Funny how many are on the streets and have degrees. I have no degree, and I have a big house, 2 cars, and a full time maid.
  2. Good advice.
    As long as you can find a cheap, yet good college.
    And you can get a daytime job AND study college.

    It stops there.

    Recession-Proof Career #1 - Personal Financial Advisor?
    Only because of the market rebound?

    Recession Proof Career #4 - Marketing Research Analyst?
    It doesn't take much research to land to the conclusion that "customers can't afford our products since they are unemployed".

    Recession Proof Career #6 - Video Game Designer?
    Only a few make a living from videogames.
    True ones do make a killing, but others make videogames nobody plays even being free, as ones in:
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    hell ya. And watch your job get exported to India or outsourced to H1B's.
  4. I talked to a girl (first year community college) I asked, "Do people text in class?" answer : "Yes" I said what does the professor say about this, "Oh, he texts too."

    P.s. Students can wear pajama's to class.

    Welcome to 13th and 14th grade.
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    Joe4422 you are a liar.

    $10,000 Cash at the O'Hare International Airport terminal of your choosing if any one of your annual trading statements for the past 18 years is bigger than mine.
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    Apparantly not very many unemployed with college degrees.

    Unemployment rate Aug 2010
    Total, 25 years and over: 8.3
    Less than a high school diploma: 14.0
    High school graduates, no college: 10.3
    Some college or associate degree: 8.7
    Bachelor’s degree and higher: 4.6
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  8. I dont know what is wrong with people that go out in public in their pajamas. I've seen women doing this also in grocery stores quite often. Its amazing how much our society has devolved since the 1950s.

    For all those people that wear pajamas to school I have a news flash for you. If you are so lazy you cant even change your clothes when you wake up (which should take no longer than 30 seconds) You are not going to end up working better than a min wage job and even at that you will be lucky to hold on to it being that lazy. Why do I believe this? Because just from looking at the women that wear their pajamas to the grocery store, I see that ALL of them are using food stamps. Coincidence? I think not.

  9. Hahahahahahaha, bone nailed it solidly. :)

    I'll take it further .... there are only 2 truly profitable traders at ET ....

    Michael Covel and bone. Both are ET sponsors.

    There might be some borderline near breakeven traders, but really for this to be even considered as a worthwhile profession, only Michael and bone qualify.

    Just IMO.

    Where's that poser since 2003, Lucrum? Your record for the last 22+ years you've said and claimed to be a profitable trader ... send to baron so I can add you to the list, hehehehehehe :)
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