Obama gets his ass handed to him

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  1. Obama got his ass handed to him in Pennsylvania. Clinton simply crushed him winning by a higher than anticipated 10 point margin.

    What does this prove?

    1. Obama CAN'T win big the states (but everyone already knew this). This puts him at a big disadvantage against McCain.

    2. Obama doesn't resonate well with white, lower /middle class voters. Winning the African American, San Francisco liberals, and college student vote isn't sufficient to win a general election.

    3. You can't buy your way to victory. (Obama spent 3x as much as Clinton in penn.)
  2. which category of voters do you belong to StockTrad3r?
  3. Coming from 30 points behind to lose by 10 against the most powerful Democratic family with the Wright,Ayers and bitter comments is pretty dam good

    The Rev Wright thing would have destroyed most candidates(Even though Rev Wright also counseled the Clinton's after the Lewinsky thing and Bill pardoned 2 weather underground members)
  4. Obama got over 90% of the black vote...his whole comeback from 30 to 10% is from new and mostly black voters....outside the urban areas obama only got 30% of the vote.

    Obama did not gain any white voters
  5. He got more white voters then he did in Ohio,which is an improvement ,especially considering this was after the wright thing
  6. She won the rural areas in Pa,good for her if she were running for Governor

    Hes beating Hilary in delegates,states, and popular vote nationwide,thats more important
  7. Don't forget if you can win as Governer you will get the electoral votes for that state.

    If you look at the 2000 race.......Gore won the popular vote but lost......His votes look just like Obama. Only from major cities.

    In 2000, George W. Bush carried 2,439 counties to 674 for Sen. Al Gore. Bush lost the popular vote but won the election.

    The dems can not win with only urban vote.

  8. The Dem's have put themselves in a bad situation.they should have investigated Obamas past and the people he associates with,and they need to have a way to stop one candidate from tearing down another like Hilary is doing

    I Agree The Dem's cant win with just the Urban vote,but Hilary cant win without the black vote,which she will lose if she steals the nomination

    As I stated in another thread,Hilary's goal now is to destroy Obama so that he losses to McCain and she can run again in 2012
  9. If Obama can come out fairly clean with a loss in Nov. He will be more of a favorite then Hillary in 2012.

    Hillary would almost need to put Obama in jail to ruin him for the next 4 years.

    All for naught if mccain becames the best president ever
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