Obama gets bitch slapped

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  1. The message is clear Mr. President. Take your Marxist ideology and stick it where the sun don't shine. Dems are now peeing in their panties, as the people have spoken. It's about JOBS and TAXES!! Not some lame brained health care debacle. Not appeasing the environmentalist whack jobs. Put the people back to work, period.
    The message is also clear to Washington Repubs. The people would rather see an actual Dem get elected, than a radical leftist posing as a Repub. Slugs like Scozzafava need to be rooted out and exposed wherever they are found. 2010 is shaping up to be monumental. We may begin to take the country back from the brink of radical left destruction.
  2. Feeling empowered, are you?


  3. Zzz you are going nuts on all the threads, didnt even sleep last night it seems :D
  4. the fall of Obama will be a beautiful thing.
  5. Obama Not Watching Results

    The president was described by the White House as not having watched the election returns, and spokesman Robert Gibbs earlier dismissed the potential impact of the governors' races on Democrats and the 2010 elections.


    Obama is looking for some bling (Nobel peace prize type of bling). meanwhile people with money, Buffett a visible example, are buying up assets on the cheap and could care less the state of the economy. GS, same thing.

    This is not a case of Nero fiddling while Rome burns, more like a bunch of greedy opportunists, get it while you can because Obama isn't going to do anything about anything.
  6. You can essentially forget about health care passing now. Those moderate democrats (and any republican foolish enough to support it) are going to backtrack and take a good look at this and at the very least, delay supporting any legislation until next year.

    By that time, they'll all come back and begin to think about their jobs and this bill will collect dust until the only tragedy it resulted in was the fifteen trees it took to print out.
  7. haha Obama will lose power so quickly that he wished he was back to his old job as a Kenyan witchdoctor
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    Well it's probably hard to watch TV, while he's hiding under the bed.

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    I wouldn't be too sure about that. I believe they willl still pass something. I agree that many dems in some of the more conservative areas will back away. Their only way to pass it will be to water it down.

    It will still likely be much more benign and won't have a job cratering effect on small businesses like the current bill would have.

    Hopefully they will put together a harmless bill which includes tort reform, portability, take away some of the anti-trust exclusions, etc.

    That type of thing would pass and actually help bring down costs.

    That way the dems lose one of their issues completely for another decade or two.
  10. LOL optional you RULE! :D
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