Obama: Get On This Problem Now

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  1. ^^^^^ Worth watching. Too friggin' hilarious!! Not exactly the same demographic as SBUX, eh?
  2. clacy


    I love watching people freak out when they don't get their food!!!! It's like that basic human instinct to survive kicks in and people lose their heads. Hell, half of them are one 8-piece away from the ER and they're still pissed.
  3. I can't stop laughing.. priceless.
  4. What are the conditions that allow humans to become things like that?

    Funny but truly sad. The Founding Fathers would consider their vision a failure.
  5. I suppose it's a "good" thing that the special occurred with the Dow above 8,000. If this had been done with the Dow below 7000, that restaurant might be a pile of ashes instead. :cool:
  6. "We tryingda feed our CHIRRdren."


    Thanks for lolz.
  7. "They oughta' have a tracta traila out back"-- that is just too funny. I can't stop laughing!:D
  8. .... wow.

    I guess some stereotypes are true. I was in West Harlem once looking for a cheap apartment, and this huge woman had 3 buckets of chicken in a baby stroller that she was wheeling back to her apartment. I couldn't believe it.
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