Obama Gas Price Solution: Speculator Task Force

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    "I think the American people understand that we don’t have a silver bullet when it comes to gas prices. We’ve been talking about this for 30 years. The only way to stabilize gas prices is to reduce our dependency on fore(ign) oil and we just put out a report that over the last year or so, we’ve been able to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by a million barrels. (recessions and high prices do that) That’s’ significant. In the meantime, cuz I know people are hurting right now and it feels like a tax out of their paychecks, what we’re doing is looking at every single area that can affect gas prices, from bottlenecks that are out there, we’ve set up a task force to look into speculation to make sure people are(n't) taking advantage of the situation on the global oil markets," President Obama told WKRC-TV.


    This just brings the word "fool" to mind.