Obama Fried Chicken

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  1. MTV Cuts "Obama Fried Chicken" From Rap Video
    Fri Nov 20th, 2009


    A recently released music video for "Popular Demand" by the Clipse featured the awning of the infamous Obama Fried Chicken joint in Brownsville, Brooklyn. But in comparing versions of the video airing on MTV and elsewhere, it looks like the TV channel completely erased the restaurant's name from the awning in the video's opening shot.

    Brokelyn, the Brooklyn blog that first reported the editing, notes it could be one of three possible reasons: copyright law, MTV advertising policy, or a more political decision that keeps MTV from dealing with the repercussions "from blaring 'Obama Fried Chicken" across American TV screens."

    Back in April, City Councilman Charles Barron led a protest outside the location with citizens "outraged by [the] racist connection to Barack Obama and fried chicken."

    The restaurant manager fired back and said it was a tribute to the president, noting four out of five customers support the name.

    The unedited version:

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  2. Ricter


    In before tgregg.
  3. _LOL Ricter. You killed me man. I bet you he will come in and inject something about his favorite enemies (Muslims, Arabs, Democrats, Gays, Lesbians, Liberals, free thinkers, anti Zionists, leftists, centrists, anti gun supporters, pro choice, environmentalists.....) who else Did I forget?


  4. Obama Fried Chicken & Pizza

    Fast Food, Southern/soul, fried chicken, Italian, pizza, Caribbean, halal, Harlem
    110 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10026

    (646) 684-4404


    I thought I remember seeing this. Cracks me up, fried chicken and pizza.
  5. dsq


    ARE you a member of the KKK?If not,why not?Because you are a coward or wimp?
  6. Why is it that every criticism of obama's administration is projected as based on race?
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    you should ask yourself why is it that teabaggers always throw racist innuendo like: kenya,not born in the usa,muslim,terrorist...and the most idiotic mindless gem that obama hates white people(as stated by beck and others) and lets not forget all the blackface/minstrels picture signs at gop rallies.

  8. You've got to admit the black liberation theology thing obviously struck a cord in the obama's belief system.

    How anyone could take someone who believes in that crap serious is beyond reason.

    I happen to think admin apologists use the accusation of racism simply as an expedient weapon against thin skinned opponents.

    cries of racism against myself bounce off me as easily as bullets off superman.

    As matter of fact it's kinda funny to see you guys come unglued because it's such a predictable Pavlovian response these days to the mildest of criticism.
  9. dsq


    are you senile too?
    black liberation theology?wtf,are u talking about?Whatever it is it cant be anything near palin and her exorcism crap.If you think beck is bad as he is now imagine what a bitch he d be if his ancestors had been manacled slaves and that his race wasnt allowed to really vote til 1968.

    Aside from that what explains all the GOP racist innuendo towards our black prez?
  10. Obviously you are ill-informed, no surprise there.
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