Obama flies his dog by himself on M22 Osprey to Martha's Vineyard

Discussion in 'Politics' started by John_Wensink, Aug 11, 2013.

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    Good stuff. We spend at least $100,000+ to fly the dog to the king. And an agent who has to coordinate basketballs I'm speechless over... Yep America, welcome to the England we left to form this great country. Hope we're all happy with our sheep selves for ALLOWING this shit!:mad:

    And yes, I'm holding common sense people responsible for ALLOWING this shit to go another day. Yes, we can bitch and complain. For now... After the NSA "takes care" of our bitching, tell me, what have we left of OUR Country?:(
  3. When is the revolution coming?
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    Not soon enough.
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    Who knows. It's just sadly overdue.
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    Max E.

    Makes this photo michelle just posted on her twitter account even funnier, its hard to tell which one is the dog in this photo.

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    Why the one on the right, of course.
  8. Good thing. Otherwise, we'd live in a country where everybody has the same... almost nothing.. except the ruling elites.
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