Obama fires his final bazooka:Bernanke launches the mother of all QE's.

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  1. Bernanke Goes All In: What It Means for You
    By Jeff Macke | Breakout – 2 hours 50 minutes ago

    Unlike QE1 and QE2, no dollar amount or time-limit was placed on the program. The Fed essentially announced it will be purchasing $40 billion in MBS per month until further notice.

    This is a monster, huge, gargantuan change from prior operations. QE1 "cost" $1.7 trillion. QE2 was half a trillion, give or take. The new plan isn't really QE3, because it's never scheduled to end. It is an entirely different, frightening animal.

    Bottom Line: The Fed has made up new rules by lifting all restraints on existing policies. Should they desire different stimulus, the Fed will need to invent a whole new policy. It's a bullish move in the sense that pouring more money into the system inflates values. Stocks, gold, oil... basically everything except the dollar "should" go up in value.

    Longer term we're now way, way into unknown territory. As Bernanke himself often says, monetary policy isn't a panacea.

    Then again, the same man just gave the economy the biggest injection it's ever seen. How will it all end? Literally nobody knows, but for now stocks are higher, bears are furious and bulls are giddily confused.

    Also, the president just got re-elected.

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    Who says the Fed is Apolitical?
  3. pspr


    I guess Bernanke wants to influence the election so he can keep his job at the end of the current term.

    Sorry, Ben. We both know the only thing this will do in the short term is send a little money into the stock market. No bump for you or Obama.
  4. Of course.Sometimes its best to keep your plans / opinions to yourself


    Romney Reiterates He Would Replace Bernanke

    Mitt Romney said Thursday that he would replace Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, dismissing the advice of a top adviser who suggested this week that the chairman should be considered for a third term.

    The presumptive Republican nominee told the Fox Business Network that as president, he would want to install someone new in the Federal Reserve post. Mr. Bernanke’s term ends in January 2014.
  5. It's the mother of all conspiracy theories. The attacks on the Embassy's were orchastrated by the Obama administration to provide cover for this next financial move towards collapsing our economy.:eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. Just buy everyone a house
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    Would I have to vote for Obama if they did?
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    Obama did pay for part of my house. I think it was like $7,500 or something close.

    Sheeet. He'll probably call me now and ask why I'm voting for Romney. :mad:
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    Today he said he'd like to look at appointing ABB.

    (Anyone but Bernanke)
  10. Soup nazi to uncle ben: NO soup for You!
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