Obama: Fire Imus

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  1. "I understand MSNBC has suspended Mr. Imus," Obama told ABC News, "but I would also say that there's nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group. And I would hope that NBC ends up having that same attitude."

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    Hey! You are engaging in hate speech and character assasination when you quote somebody from the left. Knock it off. ;)
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    While this is probably the best "in their own words" gotcha that I've seen, it quite correctly deserves it's own thread.

    Kudos, props and congratulations on this stunning find.
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    Not only has Obama lied about whether he knew of Wright's extremists views, he is now also shown to be the biggest hypocrite in American politics. Of course, lying for liberals is just another tool in the toolbox, so we are not supposed to hold that against him. But hypocracy is supposed to be liberals largest boogyman. Will liberals now denounce this biggest of all sinners - this hypocrite? Or is it just when conservatives act hypocritical that hypocracy is a sin?
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  6. What's wrong with you people? Didn't you hear his speech? It's our duty to prove we are not racists by supporting him.
  7. I took a step back a while ago. Obama certainly is a wonderful orator, maybe bordering on 'great'. He has a beautiful family. At the time, he said the right things.

    However, I thought, as this continued, he would draw to him, and they would attain national attention, members of the African American community as repulsive to whites, as David Duke is to blacks.

    If you saw the Wright tapes, did you see the guys in the back come up and knuckle him on the back? There was another somewhere where Obama was speaking, and he had some old black men behind him, white beards, nodding their heads like kids listening to IPODS. We are going to see underground racial stuff, we will see all sorts of awful, derogatory, nasty racial hate themes. and the talking heads, who can't talk about, or even relate to the avg or lower classes of society, will opine on, totally ignoring the obvious. Hate and fear are basic human tenents. And man, they are ugly.

    Obama will mobilize the white vote like a 200mm dollar phone drive couldn't. I actually heard someone, I suppose a 'white trash' type people would refer to her as, refer to a 'niggar cop'. I'm pretty law and order, and to hear that just stunned me. I can just imagine her calling her old man, telling him they had to register to vote "so that niggar don't get it."

    Maybe its' some type of catharsis the nation has to go to . I was so hoping it would be a Condi, or a Colin Powell to run as the first Black. They have more accomplishments. they are older, well heeled, impressive and Patriots. And then, these tapes had to show. It's going to be awful.

    Dick morris today on dickmorris.com says Obama has already won the nomination, and Hillary can't stop him. But this is going to get so nasty and derisive over the summer and fall. I dread it.
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  9. Ah, yes. The old "piss out of a boot' metaphor.

    As I recall, The Saviour used that from time to time, but of course, as a deference to the times it was , "Thomas, ye are not clever enough to pour piss from thy sandal'.

    Yep, that vid will mobilize the poor white vote to the Clintons. The dems just might be dumber for the Republicans. Hard to believe. But just maybe.

    And , did he say 'titties?" Because I remember my parish priest talking about the ladies 'titties' but I thought that was just isolated.

    I may go back to Church. It's much more interesting now.