Obama: Favorable/Unfavorable

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  1. I'm trying to be as positive about him as I can, but the first executive order he signed was to close GTMO. That to me is a mistake.

    You'd think he would have done something for our country first. Instead, his first act was for the people who wants/tried to destroy us. Maybe 9/11 is getting blurred for some, but it is still fresh in my mind. :confused:
  2. The bigger blunder is they hadn't even thought about what they will do with the prisoners. When asked, Obama had to ask someone else who said, "there would be a process"...

  3. Any predictions about his poll ratings?
  4. What's brilliant is that an internet doofus is criticizing a scholar and intellectual who also happens to be president, and who has put together an excellent cabinet in record time and has hit the ground running. Yes, finding fault with that is nothing short of brilliant.
  5. You'd think you would put some thought into your post before actually posting it.

    Do you think he and his cabinet are just doing one thing at a time? He's keeping his campaign promises! And announcing the eventual closing of Gitmo, within a year, sends a much needed message worldwide. Going forward, I don't think it will be his principal preoccupation. Get serious, man.
  6. Before you hijack the thread would you like to give a poll rating prediction?
  7. Why would I? I'm just going with the flow. And the flow right now is pretty good. I won't predict how he will do, but I will gladly comment on how he is doing. He is doing well.
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    Obama is the biggest hype job of all time. Closing Gitmo is a huge mistake. It seems like he's coddling terrorists.
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    He's not going to close Gitmo. Just watch.

    What he DID is issue an order syaing he was closing Gitmo. But he won't actually close it.
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