Obama falsely claims health care plan endorsed by AARP

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugscoe, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Obama resorting to lying to get this done. Brilliant!

  2. Pabst is an ARRP member.

  3. AARP gives $5 memberships for anyone 50 years or older.
    In no way does AARP have the support of its members on many issues.
  4. Do tell...

  5. Are you an age racist?
  6. Do you get 5$ memberships for ARRP?

  7. Watch the msm news tonight, I bet you anything they show the clip of obama saying the AARP endorses his plan.
  8. Why is it that you jump around from thread to thread so much but you're not man enough to answer any direct questions?

  9. Please try to be concise and specific and articulate. Otherwise I have no idea as to what you're talk about

  10. What are you ... a Parrott?

    Am I gonna have to start copywriting everything I say around here to fend off those who have no original thought?

    Get your own damn lines. I swear you and aaa can't come up with your own thoughts can you?

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