Obama- Executive or Intern?

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  1. Every time i watch an Obama speech to me he seems like a true leader, a man who can make tough decisions. Whenever i see Obama in an interview he looks like an intern applying for a job worried about making his next sentence come out the right way. I know many smart people are not entirely good with language but he truly seems like a low IQ individual without the teleprompter.

    Which Obama is the real Obama?
  2. Lucrum


    The interview Obama.
  3. Good question. Several commentators have concluded that his halting answers are the result of trying to filter what he actually thinks before blurting out something that is deeply offensive to normal people. No doubt he believed his remarks to wealthy backers in SF about the bitter people clinging to guns and religion. That is who he is, a condescending elitist who never held a real job, a radical community organizer who was quite comfortable with the crazed racist rantings of Rev. Wright. That won't fly now, so he has to be extremely careful when speaking his own words, as opposed to speeches crafted by David Axelrod.
  4. That is what smart people do, think before they say something. For example something like "the fundamentals of our economy are strong"
  5. Out of curiousity, what counts as a "real job?"
  6. A "real job" is something that involves beer, dirty hands and cussing a lot...
  7. And what 95 percent of the population will get a tax break as a result of.


  8. Haha in my experience, and this has nothing to do with Obama, a "real" job refers to the kind of jobs 90% of people are stuck in and have no way out of and generally don't pay that well (didn't Obama make like 14k a year as a community organizer? Oh and didn't Obama work at Baskin Robbins?). As far as I'm concerned people can keep their "real" jobs.

    On a side note, one thing I have noticed is that most people equate "work" with something you do physically (usually with your hands) and that takes a lot of time. Most people don't realize that the truly worth-while tasks are accomplished firstly in one place: your head. A lot of people assume trading is easy because there is little physical work, and when you do make money, and generally only takes very little time: little work, little time=easy. We all know that's far from the truth, but IMO this is why a lot of people are struck by how difficult it is...because its "easy" based on preconceived definitions of work.
  9. Right, is that an objective observation or yours.


  10. Well obama did work at 31 flavors, so whether thats a real job or not I guess depends on how you define it.

    Otherwise, that's both my observation and an objective one.:cool:
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