Obama Executes 18 Muslims! Without a trial!

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    Can you believe it?

    Suspected US missile strike kills 18 in Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Suspected U.S. missiles killed 18 people on the Pakistan side of the Afghan border Friday, security officials said, the first attacks on the al-Qaida stronghold since President Barack Obama took office.

  2. You wear the clown pants of hypocrisy particularly well.
  3. TGregg, I have asked others this before, and I have asked you:

    Why are you surprised when Obama does what he pledged during his campaign?

    Did he not say he would do whatever was necessary whenever it was necessary to protect the national security interests of the United States?

    I find it incredible that the far right still attempts to paint Obama as anything other than incredibly rational, centrist and true to his campaign pledges.

    Think of all the additional resources President Obama would have if we currently did not have 70% of our hardened, battle-ready forces deployed in the one war that President Obama (rightfully) opposed - Iraq.
  4. Fuck yes! Kill 'em all, fuck Al Qaeda.

    I am glad we finally started taking the fight to where it really was.

    We spent the past 7-8 years with our thumbs up our asses in Afghanistan and Iraq, when the whole time we had intel they were holed up in the mountains around the Pakistan border...yet we wouldn't act.

    First day in office he starts kicking ass for real, not for show or to increase the need for corporate supply contracts.
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    Because he's a young liberal with the most liberal voting record (admitedly short) in the US Sentate.

    I don't agree with the GitMo decision, but I was (mildly) pleasantly surprised to see this. He did say he'd bomb Pakistan, after all, and it's good to see some promises kept. I don't know if you could fill a page with kept promises of all our presidents of the last 50 years.

    If Obama turns out to be a somewhat corrupt, centrist (think Clinton III plus some Blag Baggage) I'll not be unhappy. If I had thought that's what he'd be, I would have picked him over that bastard McCain. It'd be nice to have a president who believes in small government and doesn't like #@&^$&# trillion dollar bailouts tho. Or even a major party, for that matter.

    It'll be fun watching all the anti-war libs twist themselves in knots trying to justify a pro-war black democrat president. That's why I posted this. It's not worth the trillions, but at least it's better than watching a supposed conservative president spend money so fast that there is no suitable metaphor.
  6. I have to agree with you on this TGregg. I am just happy we finally attacked somewhere for real instead of just for show/to keep the war machine a'spendin.

    Frankly, I could be speaking out of bias...I have very personal issues with Al Qaeda.

    Also good to see a Prez keep his promises. You're right, it has been quite a rarity for a long time.
  7. probably makes more sense than the other wars, but still dangerous - an act of war in a new country, if pakistan wants to see it that way

    would have made mores sense to leave them boxed in, then use black ops to do the job and deny it
  8. Are you kidding? It's about time that the US focuses efforts and resources on where the terrorists actually are. Reminds me of the old joke about a guy looking for a lost quarter under a street lamp. A passerby asks him where he lost the quarter, and the guy tells him he lost it in the dark alley across the street, but the light is so much better here.
  9. "New country?" Are you kidding? Did you not even bother to glance at the article the OP posted?

    "...The United States has staged more than 30 missile strikes inside Pakistan since August last year..."

    If anything, Obama will just take more of the fight to where the bad guys are.
  10. Obama said he'd focus like a laser on those plotting and scheming to mount new attacks on the U.S., especially in the areas that Bush II neglected, centered on the Afghan/Pakistan border, in that mountainous, lawless region.

    It's nice to see a President keep his word so quickly and literally (since the JDAMs that were probably used are laser guided).

    This is the war that we should have been fighting all along; since the events of September 11th. The war in Iraq has wasted precious resources and was a military, diplomatic and economic error of epic proportions.

    We are back on track with Obama. I say that in all seriousness.
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