obama - epic disaster

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  1. Is there anything left for this guy to fuck up?
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    Bomb Israel ?

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    He's an unqualified inexperienced inept pot smoking empty suit that's been catapulted to his current position by affirmative action and white guilt.

    Give him time John, I'm sure he'll think of something.
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    Tsing Tao

    You forgot the worst part. In addition to all of the above, what makes him so dangerous is the fact that he is a megalomaniac. He truly believes he is ordained to lead the country, and his way is the only way.
  5. The guy is a complete joke. I don't think there's a more indecisive leader in the world today. By now the Syrians have moved all their shit into hospitals, schools and old folks homes. Wait till the moron will end up killing more civillians than have been gassed.


    — Sep. 3 3:07 PM EDT

    BEIRUT (AP) — As the Obama administration tries to prod Congress into backing armed action against Syria, the regime in Damascus is hiding military hardware and shifting troops out of bases into civilian areas.

    One man said two members of the elite Republican Guards broke into an empty house he owns and showed him an official document stating they were authorized to do so because Syria is at war. A woman in another area said soldiers moved into a school next to her house.

    "The Syrian regime knows there are 30-40 potential targets for U.S. airstrikes, and they have had ample time to prepare," said Hisham Jaber, a retired Lebanese army general and director of the Middle East Center for Studies and Political Research in Beirut. "Half of them, if not more, have been evacuated, moved or camouflaged."
  6. Not to mention the facts...

    1. He's likely not a natural born citizen and therefore ineligible to be prez.

    2. He's a Muslim... likely the ultimate Islamic terrorist

    3. He's a Socialist/Marxist/Communist... and therefore an advocate of Big Government at the expense of individual liberties.

    Amazing, isn't it... how all of that get's trumped by the promise of "free ice cream for certain citizens" at the expense of others?

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    And now we're about to use our Air Force to help alqaeda? :eek: Obama's about to get us in deep shit that's way over our heads. He should have been in jail long ago!:mad:
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    I know exactly how y'all feel, I felt the same during Reagan and Bush II. Not so much during Bush I.
  10. No you don't. Obama is a walking, talking turd. Big difference. :(
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