Obama effect on exports??

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  1. America exports high tech weaponry and financial services. Afaik that's most of it... If Obama signs the UN Gun Ban I guess that will have a huge effect on our weapons sector. For that matter if he signs the Kyoto accord I guess that will place a carbon tax on things that will be crippling to all our industries... I'm going into food production just for fun and a hedge against worst case scenario but it might be the only industry left eventually....
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    I would rather stick to obvious things being as I am a rather unclever fellow:

    1) Certainly O and Biden both have said some negative things about the coal industry going forward. Is there a good short there?

    2) If coal is going to be suppressed then won't most power stations have to run on Natty? Is there a good long here?

    3) A reduction in defense spending of 25% has already been mentioned. Is there a good short there?

    4) 25% of the country is going to be out of work by this time next year (supposedly). How can one exploit this information? Lots of people are going to chose to go to school. Lots of people are going to seek movies and entertainment. Lots of people are going to consume massive quantities of alcohol. What securities relate to these sectors?

    Thats as far as my thinking takes me. I'm in treasury bills for now. I'll probably jump in next year, cautiously.
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    more importantly he is bent towards protectionism, that will affect exports a lot
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    Ultra wealthy luxury items
    Big companies that do a lot of manufacturing and have powerful unions
    Fast Food


    Financial advisers - With ever increasing tax burdens, tax professionals will be useful to everybody that works for a living.

    Legal Services

    Distillers - forget beer and wine, people are going to be hitting the sauce.

    Train industry - can't afford to fly. Too bad Amtrak isn't traded.

    Pawn Shops
    Check Cashing Chains
  5. how hard is it to get a liquor license in chicago?