Obama Economy: Jobs Created In August: "ZERO"!!!!!!

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    http://www.cnbc.com/id/44 Publishe... [url]http://www.cnbc.com/id/44370439
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  3. Obama measures jobs saved not jobs created.
    Another good month. He saved all the jobs from last month.

    Go, Obama, Go
  4. and I'm sure this one will be lowered to show a loss of jobs next month.
  5. Not much of a surprise. After all Odumbo's REAL agenda is to PROHIBIT private job creation so that more people become dependent upon the government hand-out for their living and can thus be controlled at the voting booth.

    This is the "change"... the "fundamental transformation of America"... he promised in his campaign for election.

    Strangely, this appears to be the ONLY promise he's keeping.

    :( :mad:
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    Oh, but not to worry folks. Since Oduma has taken more vacations than any other President in history, I'm sure his golf game is improving. That's probably the only thing he can claim has improved in America since he took office.


  7. :p
  8. He will tell congress how to start creating jobs next week.

    I can barely wait.
  9. Like what? Extending unemployment benefits?
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    And providing more food stamps. Anything to get his main voting base excited. :D
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