Obama Drops To -20 In Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index

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  2. Are there listed options on that "index"? :confused: :D
  3. Bush Approval at Lowest Yet 25%

    October 7, 2008

    PRINCETON, NJ — President Bush’s job approval rating is at 25% in the latest Oct. 3-5 Gallup Poll, the lowest of the Bush administration, and only three percentage points above the lowest presidential approval rating in Gallup Poll history.

    Bush’s previous low point was 27%, measured about a week ago. The 25% approval rating is one point higher than Richard Nixon’s lowest job approval rating of 24% measured in the summer of 1974, and it is just three points higher than Harry Truman’s all-time Gallup low job approval rating of 22% measured in 1952. No other presidents have had job approval ratings of 27% or lower in Gallup Poll history.
  4. I heard that Rasmussen had Obama as negative 100. Meaning that every man, women and child hated his ever loving guys. At least that's rasmussen's reading.

    Plus I heard Rusmussen had baby puppies at -30 among registered voters.
  5. vod --- its sounds like you are making fun of rasmussen but isn't the more important issue --- where would you put your Obama rating on a 1 to 100 scale.

    For instance on programs to help clean out the debris and get the economy rolling again.... How effective would you say his programs have been.

    Would you give the blame to Pelosi and Reid instead.

    Was Obama Care good for the economy, the threat of cap and trade?

    How about the stimulus?
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    Newsweek 54% ROFLAMO!!!!!! Politico 46% ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! Hey, you forgot to include the MSNBC poll, which had Obama's approval rating for at 98%. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! :p