Obama down to 45% Approval

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  1. wonder about congress' numbers...
  2. I don't see an overall approval for Congress but it is probably in the neighborhood of 20% to 25%.

    As far as the economy is concerned
    29% Confident That Congress Knows What It’s Doing on Economy

    57% Would Like to Replace Entire Congress

    Republicans Maintain Steady Lead on Generic Ballot
  3. Likely doesn't matter.

    At the '08, election, Congress's Disapproval rate was 86%, yet 95% of incumbents got re-elected.

    Just what kind of dumb-ass sheeple ARE we, anyway? :(
  4. Well Obama actually got elected so that should tell you all you need to know.
  5. The democratic nominee is still a 2-1 favorite for re election .Us anti Republicans arent worried
  6. Madoff investors weren't worried either.
  7. JDL


    most of them was demo
  8. the reason to be worried is simple: Obama is losing popularity in monumental chunks. If he goes at this rate he will get to Bush's popularity ratings level before the end of the year. And this is without katrina, iraq, corruption or anything else. People are really starting to hate democrats and democratic brand. Now clearly, the "ringleaders" of the operation are right wing groups. They channel people's dissatisfaction with what is going in the country/world toward democratic brand.

    Even if Obama is reelected but loses democratic congress, it will be a lot less fun for him. A thing called impeachment (for any BS reason whatsoever) becomes a possibility. All kinds of investigations could get launched and basically it is a nightmare.

    Democrats need to go with moderation and stay away from steering hard left.
  9. Lets go back less than 2 years. What odds was Obama getting and what odds was Hillary getting to be the dem nominee?
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