Obama doing a smart thing----

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  1. he is proposing that congress pass legislation stating the fdic insures deposits up to 250k opposed to 100k. that will ensure some more confidence in the banking system. its a simple pragmatic approach. i agree with it.
  2. Long time overdue. I have my cash in five banks right now.
  3. That and similar proposals have been out there for days. He shows no leadership. Neither does McCain. Neither the congress. There is a complete vacuum of leadership. The only people stepping up are "the people".
  4. The smartest thing Obama has (is) doing is NOTHING AT ALL. that way he can't be blamed for poor decisions. Grow a sack man!
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    I don't even think 250,000 is enough. Maybe 1 million. 250,000 says "we aren't really that confident in the banks either".
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    Actually this is very SMART.

    I'm impressed and that's in spite of not liking Obama.

    Simple answer to a complex problem !!!!
  7. Banks are already subrogating accounts between chartered banks to keep client relationships and full fdic protection for valued clients. The market is working. Bad idea to mess with the fdic midgame.
  8. McCain has been saying this for days. Good luck getting the MSM to report it.
  9. God bless you CaptainObvious, for stating the obvious.. It's a shame that many of us allow our partisan biases to blind us. Both candidates have been inept and have sown ZERO leadership during this crisis.
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