Obama doing a better job than Reagan when it comes to Unemployment.

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  1. Fox never seems to mention the bit about Reagans first term and Unemployment skyrocketing to 10.8%

    We are at 9.7%

    If Republicans want to be taken seriously, try to fight with facts and people will listen. Stuff like Deathpanels,etc.. blaming obama for current unemployment just seems insult the intelligence of Americans. Palin is a perfect case.

  2. Interestingly enough, Palin has asked that her name be removed from the Republican National Committee's official fundraiser "invite" that is to be held for 4-days next week in New Orleans. Apparently, she wishes to distance herself from the GOP as much as possible . . .

    A true "tea-bagger" for 2012!
  3. KOS: The prime rate reached a high of 21 and then started to fall along with unemployment, but rates stayed higher throughout the 1980s than they are today. Simply amazing that the deficit has continued to soar with much lower interest rates on Treasury debt. BO's plan is to party on and throw more gasoline on the fire while hindering business with gov't fiats. He (Reagan) was the last true Republican President, however IMHO.
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    The difference is that we were on the road to crushing inflation during Reagans first year.

    Obama and the fed are on the complete opposite path.

    Obama and the fed are spending us to the point of a debt so large it can't be serviced.
  5. Reagan didn't cause high unemployment, it was that damn Bill Clinton!!
  6. Think Boehner will sponsor a bill or ban on Cigarettes and tanning beds? Me neither.

  7. Two lowpoints in unemployment were 1982 and 2003. Both Bush and Reagan were able to recover soundly from these troughs.
    Can Obama also do it?
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  9. Reagan's dead, does obama still want to compete against that?
  10. I wonder if Rush and Hannity would be giving Reagan as much shit as they give Obama :confused:
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