Obama Doesn't Know His Birthdate

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jul 17, 2011.

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    Obama Doesn't Know His Birth date

    Obama doesn't know dick.
  3. Oh No...Here comes another birther offensive :(
  4. Come on , give Obama a break..
    Its confusing sometimes to convert from the Muslim calendar to the Christian calendar.
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    What do you mean "oh no"? It'll be a great excuse for you to defend Dumbo.
  6. I guess when numerous GOP party members were calling birthers idiots they were defending Obama as well
  7. I think he was thinking next month but had to embellish for effect so he changed it to next week. Subconscious.
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    People who lie about mundane things tend to also lie about most everything else.
  9. Right.
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    Yeah, "right". So if you lie about your wife's dress, your neighbor's barbecue, or your kid's drawing, you "tend to" lie about everything else.
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