Obama disrespects SEAL families

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    Obama's re-election at all costs.

    Here are Obama's priorities:

    Illegal Aliens
    U.S. Soldiers
    U.S. Citizens
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    Due Buy

    You'd think the President would have got the memo.
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    "What the Pentagon didn't anticipate was the President's falling poll numbers putting him in dire need of a good saluting-dead-soldiers photo op.

    Unbeknownst to those caught up in that heartrending moment, a White House photographer accompanied the President to the ceremony -- incognito. By that night, "an official White House photo of a saluting Obama was distributed to news media and published widely."

    What an unabashed self absorbed disrespectful piece of shit Obama has demonstrated himself to be - yet again.
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  6. Ricter


    What did they mean when they said the photographer was traveling "incognito", in disguise?
  7. 377OHMS


    No cameras hanging around his neck, no obvious photog credential. Not the photog's fault, he/she were just doing what the Whitehouse told them to do.

    The problem is that the families specifically forbid any photographs as is their right and Obama decided that he could have a clandestine snapshot taken of him saluting caskets that were not in the frame of the photograph.

    Sneaky, disingenuous and contrary to the wishes of the families of the soldiers killed. Ricter this was a pretty low act related to Obama's desire to be reelected. Alot of his actions lately are being perceived as reelection related whether they really are or not. You would think someone in the Whitehouse would have more sense than this and advise senior staff accordingly.
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    I didn't see that bit in the article.
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    Ricter doesn't care how selfish and despicable his messiah is, he's an official Obama apologist.
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    I've criticized Obama where I think he deserves it.
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