Obama denies bailout funds for automakers

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    WASHINGTON – The White House says neither GM nor Chrysler submitted acceptable plans to receive more bailout money, setting the stage for a crisis in Detroit and putting in motion what could be the final two months of two American auto giants.

  2. speaking of mobsters, looks like those union boys and girls on the line will be doing the food stamp mambo soon.

    got what they deserved.

  3. Wagoner is a bitch. I'm so glad he's gone.
  4. Why did they get rid of him, bad acting?

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    He invested in hydrogen? Talk about fiddling while, er, Detroit burns.
  6. Automotive industry should hire some former execs from places like Intel. Those people know how to eek out profits and run a tight ship. Even if their stock prices go down, their labor seems constant and their product quality gets more and more impressive.

    Granted, we will never see INTC at $80 (in year 2000 dollars) again.
  7. Are there any mobsters telling Intel what to pay their wage slaves?
  8. Point taken.

    Intel doesn't f around. They build after they get the local government to give them some slack. They diversified their government risk and have fabs in all different countries.

    They deal with the Calif. government though. I think that's part of the reason they have fabs all over the world instead of just California. If they did business strictly in CA, they'd be another GM.

    Imagine how many labor/fab/marketing/janitor/food service jobs you'd have in CA if you made Intel pay like 1-2% taxes.
  9. Intel? Not cutthroat enough. How about Wal-Mart?
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