Obama Denies Any Involvement With Secret Service Scandal

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    But he did get the white powder wiped off his nose before pictures were taken.

    <img src="http://media1.break.com/dnet/media/2012/4/23/604ae280-dba1-44c5-afc7-95c363b05d15_thumb.jpg">
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    I'm surprised he hasn't blamed Bush.
  3. Obama Denies Any Involvement With Secret Service Scandal

    He probably doens't know the name of one SS agent or even who is in charge. No time for that drivel.
  4. I take that back Obama does know who is head of the SS,

    check this out;

    WASHINGTON, D.C, July 20, 2011–Mark J. Sullivan, head of the secret service, found President Obama hiding in a stall in a bathroom at the White House sneaking a cigarette. “We told him it was a non-smoking area,” said the director. Obama has been a pain in the ass to the agency as he sneaks off like a sixth-grader to indulge in his habit. “I think he is acting out,” said another member of the service, “trying to be cool.” The question is how do you punish the President of the United States?
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    Where would you guys be without photoshop? Meanwhile, too bad you can't download a clue, eh?
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    Wow!! That is revealing.
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    A Mojito summit with those hookers might help. :D
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    That wasn't nice nutmeg.


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