Obama Deficits To Be Much Higher Than Expected

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  1. http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-deficits-to-be-much-higher-than-expected-2009-3

    "The White House has estimated that the Obama budget will produce deficits of about $6.9 trillion over 10 years. But a powerful congressional office that is due to file its budgetary estimate on Friday will report a much larger deficit"

    "The Congressional Budget Office has warned the White House in advance of Friday's estimate that the deficit projections will outpace the White House estimate, perhaps by as much as 20%, Politico reports. Democrats expect that the CBO projections will add around $1.5 trillion more to the Obama deficit."
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    When has a government agency every under reported or even conservatively estimated a budget deficit? I always add 50% to whatever dollar amount comes out of a politico's mouth.
  3. Congress's approval rating while Bush was there was 19% at one time. Bush took all the heat and while people didn't like Congress they were shielded from their incompetence by the media's obsession with hating Bush and electing Obama.

    Now that Bush is gone and there is no one to take the heat of off Congress or to stand up to them. Its now plain to any open minded person see how really worthless they are. They can't hide.

    I want them all to be ran off and all new people elected as fast as the election cycles allows.
  4. Why worry, when the American dollar goes the same way as the Zimbabwe Dollar, you could probably pay off the debt with a couple of hundred thousand Chinese Yuan.

    At today's exchange rate:
    6,900,000,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) = 184,212 US Dollar (USD)
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    "Obama Deficits To Be Much Higher Than Expected"

    I wished someone would have asked me.

    I could have told you that six months ago.
  6. Yeah, I wish Reagan, Bush I or Bush II could still be president so that we can have huge surplus. As you all know that we had huge surplus during Republiclowns.

    Plus 911 happened during a democratic president.:D
  7. Yes, I agree with you, if Bush wants a BJ we should be the first one on our knees.

  8. wow. I am not a fan of the old admin, but they had ran deficits in the $0.3T to $0.5T's. What a jump.
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    dump discussion... what obama can do....???
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    Bill Clinton planned and authorized the 9/11 attacks such that 9/11 attacks happen after he left the President office.

    In the early 1990's a plot was hatched by the “Vulcans”, a subset of the Enterprise, to crush the Russian Empire in what was to be called Project Hammer. The idea was to create a slush fund of $240 billion in fraudulent, possibly gold backed, 10 year bonds to economically crush the Russian Ruble, loot it's Treasury and transfer ownership of Russia's vast natural resources to US backed “partners.” These bonds were created on September 12, 1991 and matured 10 years later… to the day.

    Which means 9/11/2001 was the date for the fraudulent bonds to mature

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