Obama Declares War on Investors

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  1. What a fucking stupid idea. Cause a crash to the financial system based on this dumbass idea (assuming it worked, which is a fat chance). And if I have, say, several hundred thousand dollars, where am I supposed to put it during your little tantrum revolt?

    I'm gonna start my own "rob all the houses of the people who are withdrawing on 4/17" party.
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  2. Robbing houses? Sad that you don't see how fucked up that is.
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  3. Well done on the grasping of sarcasm.


    My point, oh ye of little reading comprehension, is that if I have a lot of money in the bank and just take it out to put it in my mattress (assuming I could even get that much cash out of my bank) just for some silly political rally, I would take on MUCH more risk than leaving it in the bank.
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  4. LOL...

    Now that we've established what you think you know, there's no need in responding anymore.
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  5. You missed my point. Why was "robbing houses" even though of as an example? Because your're fucked up that's why.
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  6. No, I got your point just fine. You're the one who can't grasp it.

    BOTH ideas are fucked up. That's the comparison.

    All of these crap threads belong in chit - chat where you loonies can rant and rave until you're finished with each other.
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  7. If you had gotten my point you never would have responded like a child.
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  8. There's that reading comprehension problem again. I told you I got the point.

    I understand you're running out of arguments. I would too, if I had tried to make the point you did without catching the logic of the comparison.

    Best of luck to you.
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  9. Except in this case the doctor is offering the drunken driver a case of beer to 'mask' his pain and to make sure his beer goggles are strapped on tight so the doctor can over bill him for his services.
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  10. Occasionally I turn the dial to Rush.
    One of the times Rush was griping about the people who say we are over fishing the oceans and that the fish we depend on are in danger. Here was his take on the issue, he said have you seen the ocean, it's huge. He somehow extrapolated this that it's too big to be over fished. Tell me is this one of his 99% right comments or is this in the 1% wrong category?
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