Obama Declares Swine Flu a National Emergency

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jprad, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Observation: why is it, on this college football Saturday, have I not heard of one single Div. I, Ia, II or III team being so impacted by flu-stricken players that their game today will be negatively impacted?

    Similarly, why am I, a resident of a NYC bedroom community, not heard of one single middle or high school kid in either school that my two kids attend being hospitalized for the flu?
  2. You knew this was coming. Another potential power grab.

    What's next? Forced vaccinations?
  3. My kid and her friends all got the flu like symptoms. Her school tested some as swine flue, the rest were just ignored. I think I got it too. The severity depends on people, it is not big deal to most. Just look out for severe symptoms.
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    The administration is on record as saying they don't like to let a crisis go to waste.
    So no, no real surprise.
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    That's exactly my point, it's mild in most people and well within the statistical norms for other flu seasons.

    BTW, I doubt they were actually tested, the swine flu test is pretty expensive, and flawed.
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    Quick, nationalise hospitals, fix salaries of all doctors, draft the doctors into a national health service, pass a law that everyone will take the new vaccine or pay $2000 penalty or 90 days in jail.

    Shut down Fox news and all political blogs immediately.

    This is serious.

    We must do this before the flu becomes widespread or stats show this is more of a threat than common flu...

    Must act now.

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    Doubt that forced vaccinations are the desired outcome, that would definately end up in front of the Supremes if so.

    IMHO, this is all about nationalizing healthcare "to more effectively" coordinate the real boogyman -- bioterrorism.

    As Colin Powell cautioned a couple of years ago, we're well on our way towards mutating the Military Industrial Complex to the Terror Industrial Complex, and it's going to need an enemy to keep the machine funded.
  8. Apparently AP is reporting under new guidelines all Fox employees are last in line for flu vaccine.
  9. Seems like there has to be some sort of motive, because they started the propaganda last April.
  10. Flu vaccines are in short supply. Government messes up production of vaccinations.
    Thousands will die. Worst government failure since Katerina
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