Obama Czar To Kill Off Private Broadcasting?...

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  1. Casey's Daily Dispatch, Sep 2, 2009...


    "... Obama has appointed a record number of czars. At least 32... in charge of everything from the Great Lakes region, California water, green jobs – the list goes on.

    And while that’s certainly Orwellian in and of itself, it might just be the smallest reminder of how far we've deviated from "freedom" and all that it entails.

    Meanwhile, Obama appointed a "diversity czar" to the FCC on July 29.

    This new czar, Mark Lloyd, apparently "called for making private broadcasting companies pay licensing fees equal to their total operating costs..."

    Which sounds suspiciously like a way to kill off private broadcasting to me. Some of you might remember the advent and eventual death of the Fairness Doctrine – that other Orwellian-monikered initiative to give equal airwave coverage to important issues.

    Of course, back in February Obama firmly opposed the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, but who needs the Fairness Doctrine when there's no privately held media?

    Doubling the operating costs of privately held radio stations will almost certainly bankrupt a great many of them – leaving the “public’s airwaves” back up for grabs for more state-friendly broadcasters, no doubt.

    Mr. Lloyd recently pointed out how much he admires Hugo Chavez, and how he revolutionized Venezuela’s airwaves, giving much more funding and bandwidth to publicly held and state-friendly stations. In the process, over 200 privately held TV and radio stations shuttered their doors.

    The mind boggles and Orwell shrugs – but we’ll keep a close eye on this situation for sure...."

    Is this the beginning of the end of our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech?

    Lloyd is an admirer of Hugo Chavez?

    George Orwell's "1984" brought to life?

    :mad: :mad:
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    If even half the stuff about Obama's czars is true - Obama sure hangs around with a bunch of losers.

    - Obama's parents seemed to have had stake in the american way of life.

    - Obama seems to hire people who want to radically reshape america. People who basically seem to cut from some mold which creates outcasts and losers.

    - The founding fathers sure seemed brilliant when they made it a requirement that one be a natural born citizen. Otherwise you might have an outsider who has an axe to grind become President.

    A person or had no or few real ties to what it means to be an American. A person who does not respect our tradition of free speech and property rights.
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    Stay tuned;
    little David won in the big battle against the uncircumscized philistine. Spell checker not used.:cool:
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  5. I remember seeing a blurb a couple of months back... about how the Atty General of Venezuela had stated something to the effect, "... Stations which broadcast views which are critical of Chavez and/or the State... should be shut down and their owners imprisoned..."

    I thought, "man, that's scary".

    Could we have that here soon? :mad: :mad:
  6. Interesting point. If there were to be someone who would intentionally harm the USA, it's much more likely it would be someone who was not a natural born citizen.

    Take for example, The Governator. He's not eligible to be POTUS.

    Again, let's ask Obama to SHOW US YOUR REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE!! :mad: :mad:
  7. I don't think it's implausible at all. The networks openly shill for and defend obama. We are told that any and all criticism of obama is racism, which could put a station's license in danger. We have seen talk hosts hwo are critical of obama, eg Rush, Glenn Beck, be subject to pressure campaigns directed at their corporate advertisers.

    It is a short step from where we to where obama would like us to be, ie venezuela.
  8. Excellent idea. If you could trust people you wouldn't need Czars but ...!
  9. **********BIRTHER ALERT !!!!!!!!****BIRTHER ALERT !!!!!!!!**********************

    Where have you guys been lately?Obama could really use you guys in the news right now
  10. The ironic thing about this is that the only person this will leave on the air is Limbaugh, if this was to go through he would dominate the airwaves even more. Think about the costs associated with putting a guy like Limbaugh on RADIO, the only cost they have is the cost of Limbaugh himself. So the guy the left is trying to screw will actually reap many benefits by something like this happening, his audience would triple. I can hear the radio slogan now, "Limbaugh 24/7, a brought to you in part by complete liberal inebtness" God help me if that ever happens, i like listening to arguments from both sides.....

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