Obama consults Al Sharpton regarding fiscal cliff.

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  1. Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks on Meeting with President Obama and Others About Fiscal Cliff

    November 16, 2012

    After the meeting Rev. Sharpton said:
    “The meeting was very candid and productive and we were able to share our concerns about the impact that the fiscal cliff negotiations could have on our constituents. I feel that African-Americans and Latinos will face disproportionate negative impacts if there is any change in spending when it relates to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and across-the-board program cuts.
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  2. Just wanted to cover all his bases. Sharpton, Pelosi, Boehner, Geitner, that pretty much covers everyone.:D
  3. He is a clown.
  4. Says you.
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    EXCLUSIVE: Al Sharpton proposed an annual $10,000 white punishment tax on every white person to eliminate the national debt. Jessie Jackson seconded the proposal to the President. The tax would raise over $2 Trillion annually which would balance the Obama budget and eliminate the national debt in 16 years. (Unless Obama and the Congress spend it, which is highly likely.) :D

    UPDATE: Mr. Sharpton suggested that 10% of the funds raised from the tax should go to himself and Mr. Jackson as a finders fee for putting forth this wonderful idea.
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    Sharpton, Pelosi, Boehner, Geitner or RCG?
  7. Still feeling that butthurt huh?:D

    It will pass by 2014.
  8. Sharpton da man what brong da pitty pat down.:D
  9. Obama hasn't met with the "credible" NAACP in years yet he meets with Al Sharpton who called Obama a house Negro.

    “If negotiations cannot stop the spending cuts across-the-board, African-Americans, Latinos and poor people are the ones who will go over a cliff."

    Has anyone heard Al Sharpton lobbying for alarm clocks in the AA community?

    Black people need to wake the fuck up.
  10. nutmeg:Black people need to wake the fuck up.

    They are awake. Did you hear about the election?:D
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