Obama confusion good for options

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  1. Aggregate short put positions 53.02% gain, Aggregate short call positions 45.69% gain

    No one has a clue what to do in the markets, everyone confused. Bull market Bear Market,good news bad news media noise,cnbc noise,fed noise,obama noise etc.. BUYBUYBUY, NO SELLSELLSELL, nonono buy buy ohoh greece debts!! wait unemployment bad, no its because of the snow! wait durable goods up 3% wait discount window up Good/Bad?? wait guys coke buying the bottling company? Bullish sign? :)
  2. that means..

    STALEMATE... far OTM options will expire worthless. but will u bet your house on it

    i think safe to stay with INDEXes and not individual stocks.
  3. this means death for scalpers
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    Obama confusion is good for option sellers.
  5. I unloaded a new bunch of wads for the hungry masses a bit ago. The new Trifectas in the house.

    Yeah I suspect the Scalpers are getting scalped.

    Options is like Chess, you need to be patient and plan ahead build your strategy and go.

    Whoops there goes the VIX collapse :)
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  7. Talk about Stalemate. Markets are dead, Flatlined :) A shot of epinephrine and 200 joules for effect.

    Equity traders bitching of course. It is like watching the last scene of the Good the Bad and the Ugly, Gravestones representing the Baby boomers retirement nest eggs as the audience .

    "200K is a lot of money were gonna have to earn it."

    "See in this world there are two people in the world my friend, those with loaded guns and those who dig."

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  8. Is it a leading indicator of volatility when the assclowns start boasting about their premium-selling profits - ?
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    Well, yes. It has been nice here in the doldrums, but I'm not dumb enough to get complacent about the direction of volatility. Got to be ready for the wind to change....
  10. I think the Cow needs a break from the Milking. I think there is enough milk now. :)

    Anyhow hopefully Obama gets on the podium soon and starts making new statements, Trot out more Financial reform threats, maybe more Tea baggers on TV, Glenn Beck crying again etc.. Get the markets shaken up a bit .
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