Obama "Compromise"

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  1. Where was compromise in

    -trillion dollar stimulus

  2. lmao...:D

    "My fellow Americans... blah blah blah... stalemate.... blah blah blah... runaway spending... blah blah blah... all Bush's fault.... blah blah blah... compromise.... saving money from ending illegitimate wars.....blah blah blah... ceiling must be raised or America will be destroyed...blah blah blah... no more social security for anyone... blah....god bless you all... is the camera off?"
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    "Talk radio shows accuse Obama of acting like a Third World dictator heading a thug government. That's a devilishly ingenious line of attack on a president who actually makes weaker use of his domestic power than any since Jimmy Carter.

    Example: The U.S. recovery that commenced in the summer of 2009 stalled in the spring and summer of 2010. Many economists blame the stall on the Federal Reserve's April 2010 decision to stop providing additional monetary stimulus for fear of igniting inflation. Those inflation fears proved utterly misplaced, and in late 2010 the Federal Reserve resumed its monetary stimulus.

    Where was the president during this crucial debate? AWOL.

    Yes, yes, the Federal Reserve is independent and all that. But other presidents have succeeded in making their views known and respected on monetary policy. Obama had a unique chance to influence the debate, because through the summer of 2010 two of the seven seats on the Fed's Board of Governors stood vacant. The president nominated expansion-minded governors to fill the seats. The nominations were put on hold by Republican senators. And what did the president do? Did he take to the airways to demand action on his nominees? Did he punish the senators by stopping federal projects in their states? Did he fill the seats with recess appointments?

    To borrow the answer from Fred Armisen's imitation of Obama on "Saturday Night Live": "I'm seeing two big accomplishments: jack and squat."

    By David Frum, CNN Contributor
  4. He gave up single payer and the public option for the health plan The republican congress wanted in the 90's and Mitt Romney started in Mass
  5. Not because of republicans he didn't.

    Nice try.
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    Max E.

    Yeah, the only people he ia talking about when he speaks about compromise is other democrats.
  7. http://www.politicususa.com/en/Obama-Tax-Cut

    Obama Stimulus Provides the Biggest Tax Cut in History

    Here is a little fun fact that is really bad news for Republicans hoping to run against Barack Obama and the stimulus package in 2010 and beyond. The Obama tax cut is $282 billion which is larger than the tax cuts of Ronald Reagan, JFK, and George W. Bush. Even worse, Republicans voted against it.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, George W. Bush’s first tax cut in 2001 was $174 billion. His second tax cut in 2004 and 2005 was $231 billion. As Steven Waldman of Beliefnet pointed out last week, Obama has kept a campaign promise to cut taxes that few Republicans thought he would keep.
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