Obama Compares his Bowling to Special Olympics

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NeoRio1, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. He is clueless. If it was not so important it would be fun to watch him flop around like a dying fish for four years.
  2. Let's not get false outrage to ridiculous levels. Obama is rapidly becoming the "teleprompter president". He needs to be disconnected from that thing. When he is, he can say something inappropriate.
  3. He is like Jekyll and Hyde with and without the teleprompter. Did you see the clip of him describing AIG to some suicide bomber...good lord!
  4. I think his reference to "Special Olympics" was about congressional republicans.
  5. No , It was very clear it was about his bowling ability.

    Just an awful elitist statement. Expect to see apologies soon.

    Obama again will say he accepts responsibility for this and it was his fault. And this is cynical, it is a slam against Bush who was accused of not admitting mistakes.
  6. Conspicously absent has been a comment from Sharpton as he looks up the word "bowling".
  7. Where is the outrage?

    No teleprompter and he makes Bush look like a NASA rocket scientist.

    Buy gold and the swiss franc.
  8. they arent a protected class, in his book, so they're fair game to him
  9. Your outrage seems to be personal.
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