Obama Commie Speak - "Everybody's Getting A Fair Share"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. pspr


    A Freudian slip from the OCommunist.

    In President Obama's closing statement at last night's debate, he seemed to make a remarkable slip. "All those things are designed to make sure that the American people, their genius, their grit, their determination, is -- is channeled and -- and they have an opportunity to succeed. And everybody's getting a fair shot. And everybody's getting a fair share," Obama said, before quickly correcting himself and adding.

    "[E]verybody's doing a fair share, and everybody's playing by the same rules," he added.

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    My Vegas trip cancelled, no Dallas in my immediate future.
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    Biden rubbing off on him?
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    Too bad. Maybe next year.
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    I think we will see the invention of the pocket searchable teleprompter before the next debate. Obama could pull it out of his pocket and set it up on his podium and search it for appropriate statements and rebuttals to read. :D
  6. Everybody does get a fair share, except pspr. After all, who would a pspr a pot to piss in.
  7. Unlike your freeloading self, he'd go out and buy one and not expect someone to just "gift him one".
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    Work on that English and get back to me when you can make sense.
  9. ....and everybody's playing by the same rules," he added.

    What a dopey concept. No one believes that crap. Yea right, "everybody plays by the same rules".

    What is affirmative action? Free school lunch? A tax credit? A volume discount? A discount for paying early? Interest rates on loans or savings? The list is endless.
  10. Really. Show me a guy looking over his shoulder, making sure the next guy is doing his fair share and I'll show you a loser no one will hire,, wasting everyones time. Being a fucking tattle tale. To him I say "bite me".
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