Obama CNBC Interview on Capital Gains Taxes/Economy

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  1. Enlightening. Thanks. Still not voting for him tho. :D
  2. He clearly seems to be a thinking politician – who attempts to seek rational balance...however, he does begin his thinking with a left-tilted bias not a rigid ideological premise/fixation but a bias nonetheless.

    For example, he is inclined to increase taxes first BEFORE thinking of cutting spending.

    He is inclined to believe the rich get unfair breaks and therefore the middle-class poor (many who don't even pay tax) deserve tax cuts.

    That notwithstanding, I honestly believe he is open to legitimate debate on the issues and is open to pragmatic compromises.

    This can however only be achieved with Republican leaders who embrace this notion of pragmatic compromise.

    The problem with American politics though is that ultimately the rabid partisans on both sides in Congress prevent these pragmatic compromises and the status quo of blind dogmatic ideology prevails...and America suffers.
  3. Exactly!!!!!!!
  4. vlst


    The reason why republicans can't govern effectively is that they don't believe in government. Time for a new party, one that doesn't hinge on religious supernatural beliefs and scapegoating.

  5. And what party would that be?
  6. maybe he understands that both democrats and republicans favor higher spending so cutting is not going to happen. maybe he understands that eventually someone will have to pay for that spending.
  7. hey, 4 more years

    mayby this time they'll get it right,

    and no one will remain, short of having a 200 credit score and being homeless bums.

    so, where will you be trading then?

    looking for a wireless hot spot, with a solar cell to recharge your batteries, and still able to do your opening order strategy?

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    I don't know. At some point fiscally conservative secular people will have to abandon ship from the Republican crowd. I know I did! Meanwhile they cut taxes, print money, lower interest rates, start multiple wars, intervene on personal issues, invade information privacy, deconstruct the constitution, and pander to religious idealogues. I'll still try and make a buck on those decisions, but it's not ideal. It's the same reason I own stock in a cigarette company...
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    I guess I'm just not in synch with the rest of the country, and it must be ME who doesn't get it.

    As far as I'm concerned, there is no need, and I mean NONE WHATSOVER, to raise any tax, on any person, of any income level in America. The government has more money than it needs now, it is simply wasting most of it.

    Why isn't everyone on this board horrified by either Dem candidate, both of whom want to let the tax cuts expire? Every person on this board who has a capital gain at the end of the year will be paying more with either one in office, almost double under Obama. And I could have sworn I saw a post in this thread, a thread on ET, saying that Obama is a thinking man. Obama is nothing more than a thief getting his hands into your pockets.

    I have not encountered anyone who cares what the tax policy is of any candidate. There are only a few besides myself who have even mentioned the tax policies of the candidates. Taxation should be the number one issue to any trader today. Not war in Iraq. Not Mexicans sneaking in to pick lettuce. Not healthcare. None of the candidates are going to effect a change on any of those issues anyway. The only clear cut examples of change we have are promises to let the tax cuts expire, one candidate who will raise taxes even beyond that, and one candidate who will extend the tax cuts. And that's all that should matter to the traders on this board. But like I said - I guess it's me that doesn't get it.
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