Obama closes $60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia

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  1. The Obama administration is set to notify Congress of plans to offer advanced aircraft to Saudi Arabia worth up to $60 billion, the largest U.S. arms deal ever, and is in talks with the kingdom about potential naval and missile-defense upgrades that could be worth tens of billions of dollars more.

    The administration plans to tout the $60 billion package as a major job creator—supporting at least 75,000 jobs, according to company estimates—and sees the sale of advanced fighter jets and military helicopters to key Middle Eastern ally Riyadh as part of a broader policy aimed at shoring up Arab allies against Iran.

  2. Why not USA start World War 3 as a major job creator instead of selling weapons? USA will create millions of jobs. The unemployment problem in USA will solved forever.
  3. What happened to all those cars driven by the Whole Foods crowd and former hippies who supported Obama. You know, Obama stickers next to "Build Schools, Not Bombs," "Get the U.S. Out of the Middle East," etc. He was supposed to be the anti-war president? What a joke.

    The Afghan war is just turning into more of a quagmire and "leaving Iraq" is a joke when you still have 50,000+ troops there who could be terrorist targets at any time.

    We can't "afford" tax cuts for the productive but we can afford to send billion$ of weapons to the Saudis...and who knows where those weapons will end up.
  4. The Left, for once, will be happy with an arms deal.

    LOL. Job creator.

    I don't remember them crediting Reagan as a jobs creator while they were screaming at him for hating communists. Get along they said....

    No intellectual thought when you are an emotion based decision maker.:p:confused:
  5. The are selling the weapons, not giving them away...

    A more powerful Saudi Arabia will surely benefit in a fight against Iran.
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    this is a smart move, just insurance against Iran. saudi hates iran more than the U.S, they can prove to be a valued ally if Iran tries to f around.
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    Job creation by Democrats, what a concept... the Demo party would be a footnote in history were it not for the loyal Black voters.. Jessie Jackemup type lawyers have sued the private sector over racial issues so much that no private sector employer in their right mind is going to hire a Black worker. The Hillary Clinton types have stirred up such racial hatred among the Blacks that when they do get a job they are just there to wreak havoc on Whities for not hiring more of them and they get fired after awhile anyhow... and the Democrats keep telling the Blacks that they are "a little behind Whitey" because of racism!! Great job by the Democrats, they created virtual reservations for Blacks and have them voting for their own impoverishment!! Gotta love 'em all... makes me want to just get up every morning and work real hard to pay some more taxes cuz, you know, I'm a loyal American and all that...
  8. Hmnnn..

    Job creation so far.

    Fill potholes.

    Sell war supplies.

    Census workers.

    Election poll workers.


    Winding down the Lehman bk has created jobs. New jobs.
  9. Mugabe's going to get the next Nobel Peace Prize at this rate.
    Don't rule him out.
    Get in while the odds are good...
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