Obama chooses not to honor the flag of our country because of our racist history

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  1. Wont salute the flag, but will bow to a foreign emperor. You guys voted for this joker, too.
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    bush was the biggest joker and you voted for him twice :eek:
  3. Ahh.... the power of the promise of free ice cream...

  4. Hey JDL...

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    The alternative was Al Gore or Kerry.
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    sorry traveler, couldn't resist ..... :)

    upwards of 80% voted for him and like JDL said, twice. This mother clipped 200 years of goodwill down to near zero. Heck back in 2003 I almost got hammered in an american-ally-country for even bringing up his name. Thanks to Obama, goodwill soared again, economy notwithstanding. And, IMHO even God can't save this economy. It ain't Obama's fault.



  7. another point of view .... only one man with humility in the pic.

    middle name ..... Hussein (rem. of Saddam Hussein)

    last name ..... Obama (just a tiny misspell = OSAMA)

    born/live/fam .... Indonesia, Kenya

    black man .... even got the curly hair and jive walk

    accomplishment(s) .... P R E S I D E N T of the W O R L D

    scores and surpasses the max. score of 100 several times over. Loved by disparite groups of people universally and in the street even more popular than Billy ever was, another great president. And these 2 presidents are friends. Couldn't be better.

    Will get my vote a hundred times over and over and over.
  8. And that ain't the half of it ...

    from his hometown and well before he was even known, their music was played for 10 years straight as the opening song on saturday afternoon World Beat at Santa Monica college, California .... supervised by DJ CC Smith

    original from 1979, poor as poor can be, but from where to where they went .... sheer poetry .....

    me? I'm a Doors, early Rolling Stones, CCR fan, but this is another world, a majestic one indeed .....

  9. Only thing you have proved is Obama is a rock star in SOME quarters. So far, only speeches. America is waiting for leadership, which is absent and Kenyan music does nothing to solve that.
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