Obama caught in bald-faced lie (and why you should never trust corporate media)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Lucrum


    Another one? What is that now, lie number 666?
  2. Is this really newsworthy?

    Start a thread when that lying douchebag tells the truth!
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    Obama learned it from the Clintons. He's a good study. He out lied Hillary to get the Democratic nomination. The Dems always like to put their best lier forward.
  4. You fucking morons, all politicians lie, most of you are like fucking 40 years old and still can't get over it. If you don't want someone to lie to you, you shouldn't be wanting a government in the first place, so fucking stop complaining like little pussies. Regardless of who comes and goes, they are all the same shit, how can you not know this by now. Fuck Obama, fuck the next one that will come after Obama. Next 4 years, same crap, same shit all over again.
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    While your delivery might suck in a literary sense, in essence I agree with what you say... I don't recommend people voting or even registering, they will get Jury Duty for all their efforts...
  6. He told the truth before he was even elected. He ran on the "Change" slogan....Well...before he was president, The US was the strongest, most powerful and richest country on earth with just 5.8% unemployment and only 27 million on food stamps.

    Well...we certainly see that "change" has took effect. We now bow down to our enemies(and our allies), we have real unemployment at about 16%. 43 million are now on food stamps, and Obama has spent nearly 5 billion dollars in 2 years (Bush didnt even spend that much in 8 years and he had 2 wars, 9/11 and hurricane katrina under his watch!)

    So yeah...we got "Change" alright.
  7. I can't fault Obama on this. The guy had a diplomatic passport. It doesn't matter if he was CIA. You think every Pakistani here with a diplomatic passport is a diplomat or some rich guy's playboy son?

    What is going on here is that parts of the government, probably with Obama's consent, are hanging this guy out to dry. The CIA admission is meant to make the Pakistanis's flagrant violation of diplomatic immunity not look like such an insult.

    I find it ironic that the mainstream media were obsessed with the "scandal" of who revealed CIA desk jockey and political meddler Valery Plame's supposedly secret identity. She lived in the Palisades neighborhood of NW DC and drove to Langley every morning. Big secret.

    This guy however is in mortal danger, and the media couldn't care less who leaked his identity. I'm guessing some congressmen will not be so indifferent.