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  1. This health care project is pretty slick. Many of the provisions have to be set up by a due date.The example below is a health care exchange. Now it is going to take some time to set this up to be in compliance. If states wait till the supreme court rules, it may be to late, hence some states are setting them up now.

    If the supreme ct throws out Obama care, do you think NY and other states will dismantle the exchange? I doubt it.

    somehow I get the feeling a supreme ct challenge was expected, the time line was by design, win or lose, voila obama care is going to be in place.

    Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order Thursday creating a health care exchange in New York, an online marketplace where consumers can shop for competing health insurance plans (think Travelocity or Orbitz).

    The move brings New York into compliance with President Obama's Affordable Care Act which requires each state to have a health exchange by 2014. 11 other states have set up the exchanges.

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  2. i'll be shopping day one.
  3. I would really like it if the government would get out of the health care business. I'm losing my ability to smoke and drink because I am a liability. And pretty soon you are going to lose your freedom to eat snacks that make you overweight, because it effects the whole government of the United States of America.

    I'd be more than happy to sign a release form which states I don't want medicare. You can keep the taxes you collected. Just leave me alone.

    And the same thing goes for Social Security. The govenment is not a very good fund manager.

    Ever since women started taking over (they are now 51% of the worlds population) they are worried about everything and want the government to do for them what their stupid husband doesn't care about.

    "He doesn't care if some guy wearing a turban blows up an airplane. All he cares about is watching the game. I try to talk to him and he just ignores me. That's why we need a government."
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    Sick is the word, not slick.
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    You must not have paid much attention during the days when that bill was thrown together. It was complete chaos. They definitely did not pre-plan for it being ruled unconstitutional. Most of them didnt even have time to read the entire bill and have admitted such.

    They purposely left out the severability clause in an attempt to keep the entire bill in tact so the Supreme Court wouldn't dismantle parts of it
  6. Thankyou!!!!! Government does not have the reasponsibilty to manage a household because the entities within the home choose not or do not have the intelligence. The 51% you are speaking have unrealistic expectations of modern day society. The 51% do not care about reallity just perception. The 51%you are speaking of will be the first ones to blame everything else when things do not go perfectly. The 51% you speak of make the world a miserable bitch. The 51% you speak of use more resources and produce less in todays Western society. ie. Mamograms, skin care cosmetic surgery, mental health services, birth control, etc.