Obama care adds $1.79 per hr, FT worker

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  1. If you get your health insurance through a job, you might lose it as of Jan. 1, 2014.

    The government plan is so expensive, it adds $1.79 per hour to the cost of a full-time employee.

    The fine adds 98 cents an hour to the cost of labor, enough to make some employers cut back on their workforce.

    When you file your taxes, you will have to show proof that you are enrolled in the one-size-fits-all plan approved by the federal government. It’s mandatory, starting Jan. 1, 2014, or the IRS will withhold your refund.

    The government’s own projections say the cost of health-care administration — bureaucrats telling doctors and patients what to do — will soar from $29 billion when President Obama was first elected to $71 billion by 2020, some $40 billion dollars a year more in bureaucracy.

    That’s enough money to buy private health plans for fully half of all Americans who are now uninsured because they can’t afford it.

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  2. this is what the people want apparently, so they got it.

    they even had a second chance to get rid of it, again, they said no, we want it. :cool:

    not only that, but they actually doubled down, and gave more senate seats to the party that wrote the bill.

    so, you're kind of wasting your time here nut.
  3. Small-business owners and industry members shared with TheStreet what the president needs to do to win their favor.

    Health Care

    "Accelerate creation of the state exchanges for insurance under the Affordable Care Act so we can start reaping the benefits of the pooled state-wide purchasing power and hold our rates down," says Keith Camhi, co-founder and CEO of Great Play, an 11-unit franchise of children's fitness establishments. "Health-insurance costs have been the fastest-growing expense line in our business, and these exchanges promise to be very helpful for that."
  4. Wrong, Wrong and WRONG!

    Obama care is nothing more then another insurance company to CHOOSE FROM.

    It is a government option for those that can not afford or get approved by the private insurances.

    It is designed to allow everyone to get insurance. Not just those in perfect health or working for a big business.

    First hand I had a hell of a time getting private insurance because I have Anxiety... Could not get approved and now I finally have it, the cost is $319 a month. But at this price it is a SCAM! I pay a huge premium because I am self employed and I have to fight every claim because the insurance company says everything must be a pre-existing condition. This is Aetna 1500 RIP OFF Health Insurance Plan and my max out of pocket yearly expense is a MAX of $1500 a year. Guess what? That number could never be reached because the company just makes your co-payment a lot bigger. Like $501 for a endoscopy test and they pay $980 of the cost. What ever amount you pay it never goes toward the max out of pocket. That is if you get approved.

    Lets say you got cancer the co-payments would make it a death sentence!

    What insurance companies are doing is the equivalent of writing options and if they ever get into the money they try to break the contract. It does not fly on Wall Street and should not be allowed anywhere else. What can you do? If you sue them, they will bury you financially and even if you win, chances are they wont pay you. Back to paying more legal fees.

    They are a bunch of thieves and have brought this upon themselves. I am no fan of regulation but there are some areas that profits can not be the only driving factor. Like healthcare, Infrastructure, Education and Research and Development of New Technologies. These are all financial holes but in our best interest to keep running properly even if it cost more.

    Thank Obama for trying to end the modern mafia of of health insurance companies!
  5. I just hired 2 people this week. Too bad for Americans I had to hire out of country. Obama is a good president....for China and other southeast Asian countries. For his own people...not so much.
  6. What? Outsourcing on Guru.com for a little of coding...

    If you can't afford to pay $200 a month for health insurance for each employee then you should not be in business!

    Nothing but B.S. Excuses and Pikers' complaining!
  7. Bob111


    so NYpost is wrong and SH is right?
    well.. we are about to find out soon..it's a big f* deal,you know..
    anyway..how this s**t applies to my short term cap. gains?
  8. Marginal health insurance for family of 2 with a 3000 ded is about 12k per year. If you are lucky you may pay 25% of the cost.

    For an employer that is paying about 15 $ an hour its a no brainer to pay the fine and allow employees maybe 4k subsidy and send them to the govt pools, they are saving 50% of their cost.

    If the govt can offer the same plans for 7k great but if their plans are 10k there is going to be a big mess.

  9. You mad, bro?

    Lose your job or something to outsourcing? Why would I pay an american $20-$45 per hour when I'm getting the same results paying $1 to $4 per hour? $1000 per week or $100 per week? Why should I give away $900? Wait...I mean $1,000 if I include Obamacare. Should I do it because they just happened to be born on dirt that is close to the same dirt I was born on? Ridiculousness.

    I can afford to pay them, but why would I pay an extra $1,000 per week or $4k per month. Thats the same as a mortgage payment on a million dollar house.

    If you want more money, go out and get more money. Don't bitch because someone isn't giving you a job.
  10. Obamacare is shifting healthcare costs from the gubmint onto the backs of the richie rich small business and big corporations.

    Healthcare used to be paid with US national debt free money. Now it's a combination of the debt, and extra taxes.
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