Obama can Preach

Discussion in 'Politics' started by condorll, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. The man can talk up a storm but says nothing. Reminds me of 'ol Slick Willy.

    "Bullshit Artist" imo.

  2. The problem is he has very little experience.
  3. wtf does this have to do with economics?
  4. And you are allowed to vote?
  5. I agree a 1000000%, but the sad fact is that there are millions who can't see through his bubble speeches.
  6. yes, this is so true for a huge number of American voters. They want to hear good stuff. Doesn't matter if the candidate doesn't really say anything, as long as it sounds good. Change is always a vote getter.

    but change to what?

    And how?

    Obama always leaves that part out. Many Americans don't seem to care. Its always been that way.

    I personally don't think he has a rats ass chance of winning the overall however. There are just too many big states that he can't take.
  7. TraderC


    Is Obama going to the church this weekend?

    I bet he is not going back to his old church. :D