Obama can instill civic responsibility – through a mandatory Youth Corps

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  1. Doesn't everyone want to be forced to spend 2 of their prime years earning minimum wage? Whatever happened to concept of a democracy?

    What would happen if the government did NOT force people to do things against their will and allow them "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"

    Bet the persons floating this idea are not 18 to 20 themselves.

    Obama can instill civic responsibility – through a mandatory Youth Corps


    Here's what such a seed might resemble: Every young American citizen, once he or she graduated from high school, would have the responsibility to complete two years of public service. National need would define the nature of such service, but at any given time the variety of jobs likely would be in education, infrastructure repair and maintenance, construction, healthcare, the military, and the arts, for example. Participants, most age 18 to 20, would be provided with room and board and given minimum wage during this two-year period.

    In exchange, after a young person had completed this two-year commitment, the United States government would bear the responsibility for paying for that person's two-year junior college education or the first two years of his or her four-year college tuition.
  2. I think it's a good thing. Instead of nerds staying on the computer playing video games and taking ritalin, they can make something useful of their time, plus will have an incentive to go to college.
  3. It worked for Hitler.
  4. I was thinking the same thing.

    Why not give the jobs in education, infrastructure repair and maintenance, construction, healthcare, the military, and the arts (arts? wtf?) to people who actually need jobs?

    So big brother wants to help pay for the first 2 years of college?

    Woopty-fuckin-doo. In California, you can complete an entire associates degree for about $1200 ($20/credit).

    How about the 18-20 year-olds just get a job and pay for their own education.

    I'm glad I'm 24.
  5. Give me a break.

    This is intended for inner city kids. White suburban kids and their parents will be in an uproar if they make this mandatory.
  6. No need to piss away more money and resources, this program already exists.

    It's called the GI bill and the College Fund, you give 4 years of service to the military, they pay upwards of 50k towards college.
  7. They should have a mandatory youth corps for kids who quit school or get kicked out.

    Everybody has to be somewhere 40 hours a week, either in school or at work.

    There is minimun civic resposibility in todays society, everyone is too busy waiting for someone to do something for them.

    Fughedaboutit, it is not going to work anyways, youth programs turn into gang sanctuaries, retards competing with union jobs. It is much easier to build a prison than design a work program for youths.
  8. Obama can instill civic responsibility

    He could not even make them clean up the mess they made in the streets after the inauguration.
  9. You’re missing the point.

    Purpose of a mandatory youth service corp is to provide bodies for a sysadmin type organization for occupation of foreign countries AFTER our military makes a mess of the place. This is to address the failure of our military in occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan. Replaces all those ‘contractors’. Of course, those who are from priveledge may not leave the country… can’t go around maiming future leaders, you know.

    Here’s the blurb from Tom Barnett’s website: http://www.thomaspmbarnett.com

    System Administrators (SysAdmin) The "second half" blended force that wages the peace after the Leviathan force has successfully waged war. Therefore, it is a force optimized for such categories of operations as "stability and support operations" (SASO), postconflict stabilization and reconstruction operations, "military operations other than war" (MOOTW), "humanitarian assistance/disaster relief" (HA/DR), and any and all operations associated with low-intensity conflict (LIC), counterinsurgency operations, and small-scale crisis response. Beyond such military-intensive activities, the SysAdmin force likewise provides civil security with its police component, as well as civilian personnel with expertise in rebuilding networks, infrastructure, and social and political institutions. While the core security and logistical capabilities are derived from uniformed military components, the SysAdmin force is fundamentally envisioned as a standing capacity for interagency (i.e., among various U.S. federal agencies) and international collaboration in nation building.
  10. It's not other countries I'm worried about. Every third world socialist dictator has a private militia of "workers" or "students" or "the poor" he can send out to beat up opponents, burn down opposition newspapers or riot. It is high on Obama's To Do list here.

    Obama is displaying another characteristic of thrid world tyrants, a growing irritability when faced with hard questions from the media. Maybe it is just the inevitable result of the media raising a spoiled child, may be it is a harbinger of something more serious.

    Welcome to venezuela.
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