Obama Campaign To Supporters: Stay Calm Don't Panic

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    Does this sound like someone who expects to win? No, I don't think so.

    In a conference call this afternoon, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign had one central message for their supporters when Election Day arrives tomorrow: They should “keep calm,” even if they hear snippets of information favoring Republican Mitt Romney.

    “My warning, we need to stay calm for much of the day,” Stephanie Cutter, Mr. Obama’s deputy campaign manager, said, touting thousands of early ballots already submitted by voters. “We’ve already banked a pretty big portion of our vote.”

    The fear, she explained, was early numbers leaking before voters have finished going to the polls, creating unnecessary panic and pessimism among Democrats.

    “Keep calm and tweet on,” Ms. Cutter said. “So, no matter what you hear tomorrow about turnout in Republican counties or exit polls, particularly early in the day, please remember and remind your readers that, because of early votes, we’re where we need to be to win….I don’t think there’s going to be official exits until the end of the day, but if things leak out that aren’t validated or weighted, please stay calm.”

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  5. It's sad to see how many Romney heads like yourself are making posts like this one, just grasping for any ray of hope that the evil tyrant Obama will be overthrown by the good and noble Romney.

    I think I'm beginning to understand why you create so many worthless threads like this on what seems to be a daily, even hourly basis.

    It's simple. You do it so that legitimate thought provoking threads will get buried. It's your way of book burning.

    But unfortunately for you and the sock-puppet goons who hang out on your pathetic little wall, your censoring fire is easily extinguished in the digital world we now live in.

    I'm talking about threads that ask questions, promote free thought, and invite open debate. But when you find you can't answer those questions honestly without revealing what's really in your heart, you would just rather see them go away.

    you know? threads like this one
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